Make money with IPL

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the country. Of all the forms of cricket, T20 is widely loved and enjoyed by all. The most popular T20 tournament is the Indian Premier League, which started in 2008. Cricket is not only an entertainment source, it can also become more intriguing by throwing betting in the mix. Betting on cricket is as popular as watching the sport. If you are someone who is interested in cricket betting, you should learn about its basics and get tips on placing good bets. The intent of betting should not only be money but also to have some fun. In the quest to learn how to earn money in ipl betting, the first and foremost thing to do is to place well-informed bets, and for that, you need to know what to look for in a match in order to place good bets. If you want to know how to earn money in ipl betting, here’s a guide that can help you place the bets that will make you money.  

Good Bets
  • Search for value: Many beginners place the bets simply based on what they think will happen in the match. But this will not be helpful in the long run. When looking for value bets, you should look for bets that have a better chance at being successful than what the odds suggest. This strategy will help you earn money in the long run.
  • Don’t rely on star power: Many punters like to back the big names in the game, but this may not always work in your favor. Every player has his days, so there’s always a chance for an upset. So, don’t rely on the player’s popularity and instead place your bets based on your own research and on what you think will likely be the outcome of the match. 
  • Refer to the statistics: When placing bets, always consider the stats. Look at past records of the teams and players, irrespective of what the odds may suggest. This will help you in placing a better bet by backing the teams having a good record against the opposition on a certain pitch, even if the other team seems to be better. 
  • Read the pitch report: The pitch is of utmost importance in a cricket match because it determines a lot of how the players will be able to play. A pitch report gives you insight on the match might play out and what are the possible factors that can affect the game. This, combined with the statistics, forms vital information when betting, so make sure that you know the type of pitch the teams will be playing on before betting.
  • Consider the format: The three formats of cricket are Test, ODI, and T20. T20 is the shortest and most enticing, especially IPL. When betting on this format, you have to make sure you take into account the playing styles of players because it differs in each format. This will help in placing better bets. 
  • Weather: Cricket is sensitive to weather changes like rain. If it rains, a draw may be called or the overs may be reduced which affects gameplay.