Virat Kohli

In cricket, every player has their own way of playing cricket and other techniques, as well as all the players, are fine in their own kind of field. This makes a player different from others, but it is also true that there is nothing bad if you learn something from the other player even if he is from another team.

An interview was held in which a former Pakistan pacer Aaquib Javed said that Virat Kohli, Indian cricket captain needs to learn from Babar Azam, who is a Pakistani cricket player when asked the reason behind this then he said that there is something missing in Virat’s batting and there are some corners where he does a mistake and cannot hit the ball. Whereas Babar is better in the shot and he does not make mistakes in that particular shot. 

Babar Azam

But after this, he also said by observing the mistakes in Babar and said that his diet plan is not fine, and he is not fit as a player whereas Virat Kohli is a very fit player and he is as fit as a player should be to carry his matches. Aaquib also added that if Babar follows the diet plan of Kohli then he can be a better player, and if Kohli works on his weakness then he can also be a better player. 

Why Manish Pandey couldn’t hit six

IPL is like a festival for India and for most of the country’s worldwide, players of different countries play together dividing themselves into different teams. All the matches are played in India only and there is a huge number of followers for every team in the IPL, it extends for at least 1 month. This event is very exciting to see, there is a knock-out round in this game, and seeing the players play it increases curiosity and develops an interest to play more. 

On Sunday in the IPL 2021, there was a clash between KKR and SRH, Manish Pandey is a player in the team of SRH, he played well until the last 3 overs but after that, he got stuck and couldn’t make up for the run. He was able to hit an out of boundary in the last ball, Hyderabad fans were very upset about it and KKR won the match. 

In an interview with Virendra Sehwag, he was asked a question, about Pandey, why he didn’t hit on that day. In this context, Sehwag replied that all the pressure to make his team win was on his head and he became very nervous that he couldn’t hit out of the boundary that day this is very common and it often happens with a sportsperson. At that time, his confidence was low and he thought about low odds and that he couldn’t hit any ball. So he wasted almost 3 overs, along with this Sehwag also shared his experience when he was under pressure and couldn’t play well that time.